Nutrition Consulting:

Copeman Healthcare Centre

I am a clinical dietitian at Copeman Healthcare Centre and at Nourish You Nutrition

With a Proactive approach to nutrition and physical fitness, I empower my clients to optimize their health, manage chronic conditions, and enhance their athletic performance. I specialize in creating manageable nutrition plans suited to clients' specific goals and needs. My background encompasses a wide range of practice areas with an emphasis on sport nutrition, blood sugar and cholesterol management, digestive issues (including IBS, Celiac disease and food intolerances) and general healthy eating. 

Nutrition Consulting:

Nourish You Nutrition

Interested in individual or group nutrition consulting, corporate nutrition packages, or looking for a speaker for an event? I'm a co-founder of Nourish You Nutrition - We have a team of dietitians with unique backgrounds and interests. To learn more or request services fill out the form (bottom of this page). We'll find the best dieititan for you based on your request, or work with you to find an alternative. Keep an eye out for our website and nutrition blog coming soon! 

Areas of Special interest:

  • Sport/Performance Nutrition
  • Gluten-Free/Celiac Diets
  • IBS, food allergies and intolerances
  • Blood sugar and lipid management
  • General Healthy Eating and optimization

Recipe Development:

Cooking is one of the things I love most! I compulsively experiment and create (for better or worse) - It takes all of my effort to follow a recipe as-is, and it rarely happens. The Recipes on my site have been both created from scratch or inspired and modified from others on my favourite cookbooks. I usually modify with nutrition in mind, I can't really help it.  I try to keep things delicious, but skip refined and processed as much as I can.  

This one is pretty self-explanatory - See my Recipes home page - I hope you enjoy!

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