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A Simple Approach to Healthy Eating

There are lots of different 'diets' that can work for different people, and lots of handy tools for counting calories, carbs, fat, or whatever it is you're counting. But how much does sticking to these strict guidelines help us, and how much does it hurt us? Here's my simpler approach.

"What Should I Eat?" The Importance of Body Wisdom.

Nutrition is a complicated science, and it's even more complicated to study. This might be one of the reasons why you'll find so many conflicting answers to the question "What should I eat?" But perhaps we're putting too much emphasis on this intellectual question and what we really need is to listen to our intuition. 

Nutrition Talk: Buckwheat

Nutritionally speaking, buckwheat counts as a whole grain. Grains have gotten a bad rep lately, but this isn't 100% warranted. Buckwheat has a hearty flavour and the raw groats are soft enough to be eaten without cooking. I love adding them to porridge or muesli at breakfast. 

Smoothie Building 101

Smoothies are big these days, but how do you build a well-balanced smoothie? Some smoothies are really balanced and nutritious, but some end up really high in sugar, and packed with way more calories than we give them credit for! Follow these steps to ensure you have a well balanced smoothie that works as a meal or a snack, won't overload you with sugar, and packs a healthy dose of nutrients.