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Lighter Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe was inspired by the pumpkin pancakes from the Quinoa 365 cookbook, which are delicious and decadent, but are a pretty heavy breakfast. I've created this lighter healthier version based on the more traditional paleo pancakes I whip up quickly in my blender. 

Creamy Avocado Pasta with Salmon

This pasta is oh-so creamy and delicious - sans cream! The lemon and herbs make the flavour really fresh. Subbing half of the pasta for spiralled zucchini noodles make it a lighter option and increases the veggies in your dinner in a fun way. Swap the salmon for fresh prawns if you prefer, or try cilantro instead of basil in the sauce. 

Turkey Taco Wraps

Plus bonus recipe: my favourite guac. I have to say I've never been a fan of the hard taco shell - deep frying aside, I find them messy and hard to eat! The green lettuce wrap is the perfect substitute. Imagine the warm, flavourful taco fillings with a cool crunch of lettuce, plus it adds some extra veggies to your meal, which is never a bad thing.