All in Sweet Treats

Silky Chocolate Pie (Penelope's Passion)

Who doesnt' love chocolate, and this decadent dessert is full of chocolatey goodness! it's lighter than traditional cream-based chocolate pies, silky smooth in texture and doesn't involve any cooking! Also gluten-free and dairy-free :) Our family friend never eats desert, but she loved this one so much she had second helpings at Christmas and at Easter and requested that I name it Penelope's Passion!

Cinnamon-scented Coconut Rice Pudding

A coconutty, fruity twist on traditional rice pudding that has all the comfort but much more nutrition than the original. Made with black rice, coconut milk, and fresh mango it's full of nutrients and tropical flavour. I love the fresh fruit in combo with the coconut. This dish is best served warm :)