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Apple Chips

Apple Chips

Apple chips 2

Apple chips are a healthy and easy snack! They've become popular lately, but $7 and up for a bag seems silly when apples are so inexpensive to buy. Plus, the storebought apple chips are often full of added oils, sugar and preservatives, so watch out! One apple goes a long way when it comes to apple chips. 4-5 apples makes a big bowl of chips that lasts for days, depending on how many hungry mouths are around ;). I love this snack because it's just apples and spices - simple, real food - you don't even need to peel or core them! They are slightly sweet (naturally), and they satisfy that need for a 'crunch'.


Try serving a bowl of these instead of potato chips, pack them in your kid's lunches, or take them on a hike (they're light!).


Apple Chips Stone


  • Apples (as many as you want - a few go a long way!). 4 apples makes about 4 servings.
  • Fresh lemon juice (1/2 - 1 lemon)
  • Cinnamon


  1. Preheat oven to 225F.
  2. Squeeze the juice of half the lemon into your small prep bowl. 
  3. Slice the apples thinly and evenly using your mandoline or simple slicer. For very thin, crispy chips I use setting "1" on my simple slicer, and for thicker chips I use setting "2". If the slices aren't even they won't bake evenly, and your chips won't turn out, so this is one of those times when a mandoline is essential.
  4. If there are any seeds or bits of core left in the apple slices, remove them. Most of these should just fall out when they're cut with the mandoline. 
  5. Brush a small amount of lemon juice onto each apple slice (both sides) and then lay the slices flat onto the stone baking pans. If using metal pans, make sure you use parchment paper or your apples will stick to the pan. Sticking = disaster and ruined apple chips (I've done it before).
  6. Once you have enough apple slices to fill your pan (don't overlap them - you want one even layer) sprinkle the slices lightly with cinnamon. - to see what they should look like - see the picture at the top of the page.
  7. Pop them in the oven and bake for ~2.5 hours, removing and flipping after ~1.5 hours. Baking time varies somewhat depending on your oven, pan, thickness of the slices, etc so keep an eye on them! They will brown slightly, but it should be more of a golden colour and not dark brown. *if you have a convection oven your chips will cook faster so you can reduce the cooking time by ~15-30 minutes.

Option: for softer, chewy apple chips use thicker slices (setting "2" on simple slicer) and reduce the baking time by about 15 minutes. You might have to play around to find out the perfect baking time for your oven!

Note: When the chips are done, they might still feel a little soft (close, but not quite crispy). This is the perfect time to pull them out of the oven - they will crisp up when they cool. If they stay soft, you'll want to increase the baking time a bit for the next batch.

I usually make the most of my time and bake several sheets at once on a day when I'm hanging around the house anyways. These tasty snacks aren't much work to make, but they take a long time to bake so you need to be home for a while.

Apple Chips 3

I find the best way to store my chips is in a large ziploc bag. If kept in an airtight container I find they loose their crunch. Chips get soft when they absorb some of the moisture from the air, so they won't keep as long in a humid climate. In my place in a ziploc they'll keep crispy for several days :)

Why lemon juice? 

When apples are exposed to air they start to brown. This is because a compound in the apples is reacting with the oxygen in the air. The lemon juice coats the apples and reacts with the oxygen instead, which helps to keep your apples whiter. This is why citrus juice is often used in recipes like apple pie and apple crisp. For other apple recipes, you can also put cut apples into a bowl or water to keep them fresh and white until you're ready to serve them. 


All nutrition information is approximate

All nutrition information is approximate

Nutrition per 1 medium apple (~ 15-20 apple chips)

Apple chips 1


  • All the nutrition of an apple, as simple as that! 

  • No added sugar, fat, or preservatives

  • 4 g of fiber per serving (women should shoot for at least 25g fiber/day and men should shoot for at least 38g fiber/day)

  •  For a more filling snack, pair with a protein source like peanut butter or cottage cheese

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