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Orange Julius, the Natural Way

Orange Julius, the Natural Way


Orange Julius 2


Who doesn't love an Orange Julius? Slightly sweet, deliciously frothy. My roommate found a similar recipe years ago for us to try, and we loved it! I can't remember where it's from, but I've re-created it with a few modifications :) Without any added sugar or other preservatives in commercial drinks, I use real fruit and milk to create a pretty close match for the original!  Paired with some yogurt or an egg on toast this makes a great breakfast addition, and I love it as a refreshing summer afternoon snack. The trick to a nice smooth frothy smoothie is to let it blend. Be patient - it's worth it! 

It looks like I'll be making an accidental blood orange julius today - I guess I need to work on my reading skills at the grocery store! That's the reason my orange is looking not-so-orange in the photo. If you want a pink result give a blood orange a try - see the pic below to see how it turned out..oops!

 A word of caution - taste your orange to make sure it's not super bitter before you make this smoothie - the orange is giving the bulk of the sweetness and flavour here, so a really bitter orange = a really bitter drink. 


oops! I accidentally got a blood-orange, so my OJ is a little on the pink side! Usually they're very similar in colour to the store-bought variety.

oops! I accidentally got a blood-orange, so my OJ is a little on the pink side! Usually they're very similar in colour to the store-bought variety.

  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Vitamix (or other high-speed blender)


  • 1 medium orange
  • 1 cup lactose-free skim milk (or alternative milk)
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4  ice cubes

Option - add half a banana if you want your smoothie a little thicker or sweeter.  


  1. Cut the orange into quarters. If you have a vitamix - see comment below.
  2. Peel the orange. (I usually taste mine to make sure it's not really bitter or sour first - I've had to throw out whole smoothies becuase I picked a bad orange before!)
  3. Place all ingredients into your blender and blend on high for 1-2 minutes, until blended and completely smooth (you might want to have a taste to make sure it's smooth - no one likes orange chunks in their drink!)
  4. Pour and serve right away

Vitamix option: If you have a vitamix (or other similar blender) you don't even need to peel the orange before you throw it in, and it'll turn out very smooth! A word of caution if you're going to try the purist route and blend in the peel: 
- Wash your orange first. This is a time I would also go organic.
The orange peel has a nice strong orange flavour, but tends to be quite bitter - if you have a sweet tooth it might be too bitter for you, but I still encourage you to give it a try!


Natural Orange Julius Nutrition

*Nutritional content will vary slightly depending on what kind of protein powder you choose. I used a whey-based protein for this recipe, but I like to switch it up and use plant-based sources sometimes. 


  • All of the sugars in this smoothie are from natural sources (note: this will depend on the protein powder you choose - some are full of sugar or sweeteners! I try to avoid those ones)
  • All that potassium is coming from the milk, orange, and whey powder. 
  • I am a big advocate of including protein and fiber sources in all smoothies. Your body already digests liquid meals more quickly than solid ones, so the protein and fiber help give it something to slow it down a little - this means you won't be running to the snack cupboard an hour after your smoothie. 
  • Skip the Vitamin C supplements and powders - this smoothie meets your Vitamin C needs for the day! Don't worry, Vitamin C is water soluble, so you'll just pee any extra out that you don't need. 
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