A Simple Approach to Healthy Eating

There are lots of different 'diets' that can work for different people, and lots of handy tools for counting calories, carbs, fat, or whatever it is you're counting. But how much does sticking to these strict guidelines help us, and how much does it hurt us? Here's my simpler approach.

"What Should I Eat?" The Importance of Body Wisdom.

Nutrition is a complicated science, and it's even more complicated to study. This might be one of the reasons why you'll find so many conflicting answers to the question "What should I eat?" But perhaps we're putting too much emphasis on this intellectual question and what we really need is to listen to our intuition. 

Lighter Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe was inspired by the pumpkin pancakes from the Quinoa 365 cookbook, which are delicious and decadent, but are a pretty heavy breakfast. I've created this lighter healthier version based on the more traditional paleo pancakes I whip up quickly in my blender. 

Creamy Avocado Pasta with Salmon

This pasta is oh-so creamy and delicious - sans cream! The lemon and herbs make the flavour really fresh. Subbing half of the pasta for spiralled zucchini noodles make it a lighter option and increases the veggies in your dinner in a fun way. Swap the salmon for fresh prawns if you prefer, or try cilantro instead of basil in the sauce.